When it came to the meter and electronics, we chose to go with the most reliable and feature rich technology available, with available add-ons should we need them in the future, as well as convenient time-savers for the best customer service experience possible. With our Centrodyne taximeters, we have the ability to print a ride receipt right from the meter in seconds, without having to write out a receipt the old fashioned way.


Couple that with credit card processing through Square, we can streamline the payment process to get you on your way faster and more conveniently than ever before. Not to mention our ability to accept Apple and Android Pay contactless payments on board the van, and send email receipts for your payment.  All in the name of convenience for you – our customer.


For communications, we use the latest in Motorola DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) products from Granite Electronics. Our communications are digitally encrypted to prevent the public from overhearing potentially sensitive information. It’s just one more way we’re looking out for the security and privacy of our customers.

If you have any questions about the technology we employ in our day to day operations at Grab -A- Cab, please click here to contact us.